Saturday, May 19, 2018


Here is a picture of the simple pleasures of a Saturday night Aldi trip with a new stuffed animal that made everyone happy.
 Luke gave him a tour and introduced him to the piano.
 I am one lucky mother. It is my favorite thing in the world and I adore the love notes from the kids.

 Here is our Mother's Day bike ride.
 Hudson and Nana at the Spring Concert for 4K.
 Loving to celebrate our 16th anniversary.

 Luke camped with the Boy Scouts in April and May.

 Here the boys are doing their 7 mile hike.
 Celebrating Hudson's first belt!
 Luke was invited to perform at the Honors Piano Recital.
 Finishing the month with a visit to the VanDixhorns.

Sunday, April 01, 2018


I took the kids to Mount Olympus for Spring Break. The kids enjoyed the water park as well as the indoor attractions.

 Here is Easter Sunday at our church.

 Eva finished this project over Spring Break.
 Ready for the Easter egg hunt!

 What a super nice bunny!

 Bryce and Beth were in Hawaii celebrating their 20 year anniversary.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

12 years old

Luke has really been enjoying middle school as well as the Loft at church. He is a good friend as well as a responsible student. He is continuing with piano, Tae kwon do, Boy Scouts. Here are a few of his favorite things...

Favorite movie - Star Wars
Favorite book - Harry Potter
Favorite hobby - Games on the ipad
Favorite friends - Brady, Tyler, Caleb, Hayden, Lucas, Casey, Jack, Preston
Favorite thing to do with Eva - trampoline
Favorite thing to do with Hudson - build a fort
Favorite sport - Tae kwon do
Favorite subject in school - Math
Favorite vacation - Flordia
When I grow up I want to be an engineer

Friday, March 09, 2018

Season One of Eva's Dance

There are somethings that are worth dropping everything else and doing that one thing. Dance is that one thing. It is an honor to have Eva dance with her team this year. Every jump, smile, toe point, shuffle brings me so much joy. Eva has worked hard to learn new styles of dance and learn from many new choreographers.  One week she danced 30 hours to rehearse. Over four weekends of competition the girls would start dancing at 7:30 in the morning and not end until 10:00pm at night.  It has been fun to meet all the families and watch all the competitions. 
 Bellamoxi - How Far I'll Go - Platinum, Overall High Score, Dancing your Dreams - Platinum, Some Days You Gotta Dance - high gold, End of Time - Platinum, Overall High Score
Eva also one a Hollywood Tour scholarship for $500 for a week of dance classes, music video, photo shoot in California.

 Adrenaline - How Far I'll Go - Platinum, Overall high score mini small group, Judges Choice, Dancing your Dreams - High Gold, End of Time - Platinum, Overall high score junior production

 Hollywood connection - Dancing your Dreams - best musical interpretation, high gold, How Far I'll Go, Platinum, Some Days you Gotta Dance high gold, End of Time, Platinum
 We had a special visit from Abby and she made the day fun.

 Hollywood Vibe - High Gold for all, 1st place ballet, 1st place tap, 2nd place contemporary, Overall 5th high score for Contemporary, Jazz High Gold
 Eva has had a little extra time to read to and from dance in the car. Here is a typical week of reading...

 So glad to "see" one of my best friends from dance growing up. She teaches on Adrenaline Faculty.

 The boys enjoyed the city museum and exploring St. Louis. We had a great weekend of weather even though it was in January.